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Why You Need To Have A Grazing Table For Your Celebration

Planning a wedding is especially important if you want to make it unique. Others would naturally think of a wacky theme, or put out a fantastic show for the guests, but you can also make some changes with the food during the reception.

Others would opt for a classic buffet styling or pre-plated service, but you can always try something new: grazing table.

What Is A "Grazing Table"?

Grazing Table practically a buffet, but with lighter food or those that guests can easily pick and eat. It's usually comprised of a selection of fresh fruits, cheeses, meats, baked goods and spreads or dips, as well as delicate sweet treats. A grazing table is artfully arranged so guests can mingle as they fill their plates.

Why You Should Get One For Your Reception

Seeing as how weddings are usually a family and close friends affair, wouldn't it be nice if everyone can chitchat comfortable even as they get their food?

It's also a pleasant option for people who'd like to create their own appetizers, especially those who have certain food allergies and intolerance. Not to mention that grazing tables are picture-perfect and definitely adds a rustic and homely vibe to your wedding reception.

Get NATO Catering Services to curate a specialized grazing table for your wedding or other events! Contact us now to book your event.


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