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Why Everyone is Getting Crazy Over Dalgona Coffee?

We know that most of you are bored at yung iba social media ang ginagawang libangan at pampalipas oras. For sure dun nyo nalaman ang tungkol sa Dalgona coffee. Looks nice at ang sarap tingnan di ba? Aside from the fact that coffee is the favorite beverage of many, knowing that we can enjoy it with a twist is really interesting. We see our friends 'flex' their home-made Dalgona coffee kaya hayun nahikayat ka na rin gumawa?

See how viral and trending stuff affect us? Buti na lang hindi Fake news ang Dalgona coffee. Madali lang talaga itong gawin at masarap pa.

What's really special with Dalgona coffee that makes people crazy? Here's a crazy list...

1. Konting ingredients lang ang kailangan, milk, ice, coffee, sugar and hot water.

2. No need of a machine, pwede na yung panghalo sa egg or tinidor para ma-exercise na rin ang kamay mo. 😅

3. After 5 minutes or so, pwede mo na i-enjoy ang Instagrammable coffee mo.

4. Can't go out? No problem, you can enjoy your day binge-watching while drinking Dalgona Coffee.

5. Yung feeling na may barista certificate ka na after your first successful cup, yan ang pakiramdam. 😂 Yeah, love it! 😍

6. Now, you want everyone to have a taste of your own masterpiece. 😂 Kahit ayaw nila ng kape.

7. Now, there comes Dalgona Choco, for sure gusto nyo rin i-try. O baka na-try na nga! 😅

This Dalgona thing brings out the barista in us plus we get to flex something nice and creative in Social Media. At least we get to take a break from issues that we are all facing nowadays. We look forward to more food or beverage trends to come.


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