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Welcoming Guests with a very Filipino Party

Wherever in the world they may be, Filipinos have a distinct brand of celebration especially when welcoming their guests: a heartwarming salubong with mountains of incredible food. With the amount of kitchen work needed to be done, it’s no wonder many Pinoys would choose Nato Catering.

A salubong happens when relatives, friends, or important persons valued by the whole family pay a visit to the host’s place. Filipinos usually take their time to prepare a hearty feast that’s well-suited for the visitor and his or her companions.

Here are some dish ideas for those who are planning to host a welcoming party or salubong for their dear guests!

The Pinoy classics

If you’re introducing your guests to the Filipino palate, it would be an awesome experience for them to try out Nato Catering’s Pinoy favorites. The Pinoy tongue is known around the world for having a wild, wide variety of flavors that blend Eastern and Western cultures, with many dishes handed over generations.

You might want to try our classic Caldereta or Lechon Belly and Lechon Kawali – two very popular Philippine dishes that people around the world have become fond of. Many Western people are fascinated by our unique blend of spices and flavors locked in such meat dishes. Along with Lechon, you can also try our famous Crispy Pata – deep fried pork leg parts that just has the irresistible taste and crunch.

For non-meat varieties, we also have Pinakbet, a cacophony of freshly-cooked veggies such as string beans, squash, and okra. You can also choose to serve Inihaw na Bangus, which is grilled milkfish, a pride of our archipelago’s long history with fish-based dishes.

Western favorites

Maybe you’re hosting friends or relatives wanting something different from the homeland’s plethora of food – Nato Catering also has some tasty items that ring popular in American, Canadian, and even European cultures.

For starters, you can try Beef Stroganoff, Roast Beef, Roast Chicken, or Pork with Broccoli. These Western classics are easy to familiarize with for Filipinos and even other Asian taste buds.

For other options, we have several pasta dishes that both kids and adults will love. You can choose from Bolognese Pasta, Carbonara, and Lasagna for your savory carb sides. Our pasta dishes are a perfect blend of spices and sauces that your guests would find as delicious comfort food.

Go custom with options

If you can’t gauge your guests’ preferences or if they are adventurous with flavors, Nato Catering as an array of choices for everyone’s dining pleasure. We have dishes and packages for those who want to have a gastronomic journey in their visit to your place.

We have selections such as Baked Tahong (mussels), Pork Asado, and bundles such as Bilao sets for those who want an extra-exciting mix of seafood, meats, and rice as a welcoming meal.

There are many other items to choose from, and these options can be found in our website at



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