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Welcome the New Year with more energy!

2021 is going to be a special year. Everyone deserves a pat on the back for all their accomplishments and the struggles they overcame this year. And no, you don’t have to tire yourself out to prepare the year’s first great meal; Catering services can satisfy your need for delicious New Year party dishes.

Celebrating New Year is an annual tradition around the world. In the Philippines and select other regions, the traditional first meal and party of the New Year is called “media noche,” and is typically enjoyed in the company of family or friends. This 2021 might be a little different – some celebrations will be spent connected by the internet through Zoom parties, and others will be more intimate but no less joyful.

Whether you’re hosting a small home salubong (New Year’s greeting) or the biggest online party ever, Nato Catering is here to bring on the flavors of 2021 with great party packages through online ordering.

Some families or organizations who might choose to celebrate New Year with a unified menu can choose from our Digital Party packages. Choose from our package selections and run the show with a digitally-hosted party via Zoom for up to 3 hours. All packages come with at least seven Family Bundles or P10,000 worth of Party Trays. Higher packages give you even bigger value with free Invitation Design (soft copy), Sound Technician services, and even a Save-the-Date video!

Families who prefer to have a more close-knit celebration can avail of Nato Catering’s Home Party Packages. Choose from bundles that can serve 10 to 30 pax which include four main dishes of home favorites such as Chicken Cordon Bleu, Bolognese Spaghetti, and Roast Pork, among others. You also get drinks, a single-layer icing cake, and colorful accessories like table toppers to make your New Year salubong a colorful and vibrant one.

Choose your package at Nato Catering so you can gladly maximize the holidays with more energy. Have a hearty meal and bond better with your loved ones for a happier, louder, and more prosperous New Year!

In case you miss the New Year’s Eve celebration, you can always choose a slightly later date. Book your first revelry in 2021 now and leave the kitchen work to us at Nato Catering as you jump for joy this coming New Year. For inquiries or orders, you may check out or inquire through our landline number (046) 440 3211. You can also reach us through mobile at 0950-056-4034.


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