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Wedding Traditions in the Philippines

Filipino weddings are a huge spectacle for the family. Most couples would start saving up for their wedding as early as a year before it, and sometimes, even their families would pitch in to share the expenses.

This special milestone for couples is celebrated that even these days, certain traditions are observed just to make sure that luck is present on the big day and until the rest of their married life!

Check out these wedding traditions in the Philippines.


While some couples would keep their engagement a secret for quite some time, others would follow the pamamanhikan custom especially if they're from the province. It's customary for the man to formally ask the woman's hand in marriage from her parents. Once they accept, the details of the wedding will then be discussed by the parties.

Despedida de Soltera

It's always a touching moment for the bride's family when one of the daughters will be married soon. That's why they would hold a special party called Despedida de Soltera. It's basically a farewell to singlehood, a little bit of a bachelorette party, but thrown by the family for the bride-to-be. Still, the groom-to-be and his family, as well as close relatives and friends are invited.

Ninongs and Ninangs

It's always a big deal when the couple is picking out who will be included in their list of sponsors. The usual picks are close relatives, sometimes family friends. Now, it's usually a "must" to choose those who are well-off, but picking the sponsors is really about individuals who can guide and advise the couple in their married life.

Prosperity Dance

It's no secret that people look forward to this particular part of the wedding reception. The newlywed couple would dance and then people would come to them and pin paper bills to their clothing. Whatever money (and sometimes it can be hundreds of thousands!) they get from the prosperity dance is used to start off their married life.

Releasing of Doves

During the reception, you might spot two doves (one male, one female) in a cage. Later on, the couple would release the birds as a sign of harmony and peace -- essentials for a beautiful union between them.

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