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Wedding Ceremony & Reception in One Venue

Although most couples choose to have their wedding ceremonies and reception separately, some would rather have it in the same venue. This doesn't just save some money and time for the couple, but even for the guests as well. They no longer need to travel between places, and that's one less location for you (if your wedding is DIY) or your wedding coordinator.

Here are some tips if you're planning to have your wedding ceremony and reception in one venue.

  • Clearly indicate in your wedding invitations that you'll be having the ceremony and reception in the same location. Most would assume that they'll be separate, so make sure that everyone is notified and make an announcement right after the ceremony that everyone will be staying in the same place for the reception.

  • Have the setup ready beforehand. Your officiator may need a table or a bible stand, and make sure that you already have it ready the day before the wedding. Some would also choose a large venue where it can be divided into two spaces for the ceremony and reception.

  • Pick a spacious location. Even if you only have 20 to 30 guests for your wedding, it's not ideal to hold it in such a cramped space. If you can, pick an outdoor location so everyone can move around freely.

  • Consider the arrangement of chairs and tables. Since this will be a one-venue event, it's always smart to leave the center and front space open so that everyone has a good view of the ceremony and activities.

  • Hire a caterer that can manage the setup for both the ceremony and reception. Some swift changes in the setup may be needed, and it wouldn't be nice to keep the guests waiting as the staff is moving around and arranging the chairs and tables.

NATO Catering Services can get set up the perfect one-venue wedding ceremony and reception. Contact us now and book your event!


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