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Top 7 Local Honeymoon Destinations

After a fun-filled celebration of love in front of family and friends, the couple must then venture in their first alone time as husband and wife.

If most of your budget has gone to the wedding ceremony and reception, then you can opt to choose a local destination for your honeymoon. Your love is the one thing that really matters, right?

Here are some of the top seven local honeymoon destinations perfect for newlyweds.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

You might have seen this spot in your social media feed, and now it's time for you to visit it with your SO. The dreamy landscape is filled with vintage architecture from the Spanish era. If you've been dreaming of a gondola ride in Venice, Italy, you can experience the same vibe while riding a balsa.

Boracay Island

This internationally-popular island always ends up on the top list. Although, most would avoid this during the peak season (because nothing screams un-romantic when you're surrounded with large crowds), it's totally different now that the island has been rehabilitated. Just choose the many resorts and book online!


For the couples na itinadhana, you can trek Sagada for the ultimate view. The cold weather will bring you two closer together, literally. That just means longer cuddle time!

Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island is not really an island per se, but it's an open sand bar surrounded by crystal blue waters. If you want to do those couple shots where the wife is holding your hand from behind her, it's the perfect spot with the powder white sand running along the whole strip of the sand bar.

Bangkong Kahoy

If you want a honeymoon destination on the south, Bangkong Kahoy is a hidden gem of the Quezon province. The open space allows you to put up a tent and even watch the stars under the night sky. During the day, you can set up a picnic for lunch!


It's no secret that Palawan is one of our most popular islands! It has been numerous times in blogs and has gone viral showcasing the beautiful rock formations and the bright blue sea that is inviting you to take a dip.

Balesin Island

A confirmation that Balesin Island is absolutely perfect that even the crazy and rich (and ever beautiful) Heart Evangelista chose this for her wedding with Sen. Escudero! Feast your eyes with the natural beauty of the island that is totally Instagrammable.

After a beautiful ceremony and reception with NATO Catering, you can take your pick on these honeymoon destinations for the two of you to enjoy.


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