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Top 10 Kiddie Party Theme Ideas

Every parent dreams of throwing an amazing birthday bash for their kids. But planning it can be quite of a hassle, and surely, you'd want to make it worth every penny. You want it to be a memorable event and the best birthday present you can give to your kids.

To help you out, here are some birthday party theme ideas that your kids would love!

1. Circus Theme

The fun and energetic atmosphere at a real circus will be infectious if you have a circus-themed party! Drape the walls with red and white curtains to mimic the tents, hire clowns, jugglers, or even acrobats to make it even more realistic. You can also put up booths where people can play classic circus games where people can win plushies.

2. Nautical Theme

Dress up your kid in an adorable sailor suit and take photos with a makeshift sailboat! A nautical-themed party is perfect if your child loves swimming or if he ever let it slip out that he wants to work at the seas someday. You can add fake lifesavers and anchors to your setup to complete the nautical look.

3. Mermaid Theme

Perhaps every little girl has watched the classic Disney movie The Little Mermaid, and that inspired them to wish they would be like Ariel. Even though you can't grant them their wish to have a beautiful fishtail and seashell hair ornaments, you can at least throw them a mermaid-themed birthday party!

4. Sports Theme

If your kid is into a particular sport, then it would be a great idea that you throw him a birthday party that is filled with all things about it. Get mini versions of the sport like basketball hoops or a soccer goalpost where the other kids can play and win awesome prizes.

5. Candyland Theme

All kids love candy, and as bad as they are for their teeth, you can give them a pass for their birthday. Decorate the venue with giant lollipops and gummy bears, and use eye-catching popping color. And to top it all off, you can add our candy buffet to give them a fill of their favorite sweet treats.

6. Superhero Theme

Action-packed superhero movies and TV shows have always captivated young minds. Even though they can't have a superpower in real life, you can let them be their favorite superhero for their birthday! Dress them up in costumes, and complete the venue with giant standees of superhero characters that capture the imagination of everyone.

7. Pirate Theme

Start a treasure hunt right at the party where all kids can play and win prizes. To make it more realistic, you can have a black flag with a skull on it and chocolate gold coins strewn around. Don't forget to have a little plush parrot perched on the celebrant's shoulder!

8. Princess Theme

Even though you're not the royal family, you can still make your little girl feel like a princess for her special day. Get a beautiful ball gown for her and put a sparkling tiara on her head. The whole venue can be blanketed in pretty colors and get a cake with its own tiara topper.

9. Cowboy Theme

Yee-haw! Capture the rustic vibe and coolness of a cowboy at your kid's birthday party. Get toy horses that kids can ride, decorate the entrance with saloon doors, and you can have fake cacti all over the place as if you're really in Midwest. Of course, don't forget the cowboy hat!

10. Unicorn Theme

Join the unicorn hype and have a magical birthday party for your kid! There will be lots of pastel colors and glitter to truly capture the fantasy of this fictional creature. Get unicorn cupcakes, cakes, and decor that are just too adorable to not take photos of.

It's best to explore the options when planning for your kid's birthday party. Even better if you can ask them what they really want!

Whatever theme they want, NATO Catering can accomplish the best birthday bash for your kids. We truly make every event special for the celebrant and all the guests.

Contact us now to know more details about our kiddie birthday packages and promos.


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