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Solve Lazy Lunch Days with Nato Online Ordering

For most Filipinos, cooking is a passion. But there are times like small events (and at work, a lot of times) that we just can’t do the cooking. For such occasions that we can’t cook, too lazy to eat out and yet miss the taste of home-cooked food, we can take to catering services to give us our tasty meals.

Good thing Nato Catering is here to deliver choice dishes for everyone wanting a satisfying fill.

Great for families looking for prepped meals for gatherings

Maybe there’s an urgent family gathering on the weekend, and you want to give the whole family a delicious treat. Maybe you’re having some friends sleep over and want to make the most of the time bonding through activities? You can order home favorites from Nato Catering easily through phone or online.

Groups can opt for premade lunch sets like the Nato Family Platters or Ala Carte orders. Each Family Platter consists of themed sets and good for 3 to 5 persons. All sets also come with rice, so you don’t have to worry about cooking rice, too!

For Ala Carte items, you can order savory viands such as Caldereta, Crispy Pata, Roast Beef in Pepper and Wine Sauce, and Lechon Kawali. Non-meat options include Pinakbet and Spicy Tofu in Oyster Sauce. Nato Catering also has new dishes ready such as seafood veggies, Chicken Cordon Bleu and more!

Great for group dining at the office

At work you can also order sumptuous treats from Nato Catering. Whether it’s a working lunch meeting, a meal for a team dine-in, or a small event, there’s a lot of options to choose from.

Want to keep it simple with a gratifying feast? Try the Bilao set with options for sharing of up to 12 people. Each big platter comes with various selection of meat, seafood, veggies, and a hefty serving of rice for sharing. Everybody can indulge in a unique boodle fight or salu-salo that includes crabs, chicken, shrimp, tomatoes, and more.

If you have a more sizeable group or want extensive customization for dishes, then Nato Party Trays is the best choice. You can choose from packages ranging from 5 to 100 persons in capacity. With Party Trays, you can choose from a wide variety of combinations – pork and chicken or seafood plus pasta, or all of them. You can also include pasta or noodles (pancit), and some options also include dessert.

Even if you don’t feel like cooking, you can always count on Nato Catering for your food needs. For inquiries or orders, you may check out or inquire through our landline number (046) 440 3211. You can also reach us through mobile at 0950-056-4034.


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