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Outdoor Wedding: Pointers To Make It Perfect

The outdoor wedding trend has been around for a long time, and many people choose it for a more spacious venue. Plus, the beautiful view of nature makes the atmosphere more romantic.

If you decided on having an outdoor wedding, here are some helpful tips to consider to make it as close to perfect as possible.


Even if your wedding is scheduled in less-harsh weather like spring and autumn, you can't really tell when will the sun be shining down hard, or the rain pouring and ruining your plans. Either way, you can have a pop-up tent ready just in case. This includes a spot for your guests to go when the weather is not agreeable, as well as a spot for all your food to be safe from sudden weather changes.


Winds can easily topple over some light decorations or even pull up the tent from its place. Ask your caterer/event stylist to assure that everything is firmly in their places. You can also take advantage of the surroundings to act as a "natural" backdrop. Lastly, you have to take into account how you can make your setup work with the venue you picked.


Weather can also affect the freshness of food in your reception. You don't want them to be sitting out under the sun for too long, or not have protective lids on them in case it's raining. You can also be creative with your menu selection and choose dishes that are appropriate for the season.


Some people choose locations that are public domain, and while it is not completely prohibited to have your wedding there, you may need to ask for permission from the local government. This is especially important as you don't want to be chased out of the location in the middle of the celebration.

NATO Catering Services can help you achieve your dream outdoor wedding. Contact us now to book your event!


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