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New Year's Eve Party Theme Ideas

An explosive New Year's Eve party can only be fulfilled if you have an equally extraordinary theme to boot! If you're planning one and you're running out of time, here are some theme ideas for your party.

Champagne Party

New Year's Eve is really a time for free-flowing drinks! If it's an all-adult party, poppin' champagne corks sound fun. Have a life-sized bottle of champagne for decorations and include a champagne-colored motif for the setup.

Las Vegas Casino Party

Gambling may not be a healthy hobby (money-wise), but it sure can be excused for December 31st! Have slot machines, poker tables, and other usual casino game equipment taken in for everyone to enjoy.

Foam Party

You can surely excuse one day to get all wild and wet with your friends. Get covered in bubbles and suds dispensed by a foam machine as you dance to party music. It's a raver than just waiting for the fireworks once midnight drops.

80s Retro Party

A new year may be coming, but you can have a throwback party to kick in the mood. Wear brightly-colored retro clothes and dance to the beat of 80s hits. For games, you can have people figure out Rubik's cubes and whoever finishes first wins.

Glow In The Dark Party

We love glow in the dark things when we were young, and we'd love it even more as adults when we use them for parties. Prepare glow sticks and have your guests wear them as accessories and even put them around your cups and bowls. Don't forget to plunge the room in total darkness for the neon colors to pop out completely!

Pool Party

A pool party is a no-fail theme for any event! Gather your friends and family to hang out as you splash in the pool. Make sure to have plenty of drinks and snacks and even a beer pong table for the adults!

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