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Nato’s Events Place⁠— Where Your Dreams Can Come True

Looking for the right venue to host your dream party?

Trying to find the right place where you can make every moment special together with the people close to your heart?

Wondering where could you make your event more special and memorable?

Look no more, because you’re in the right place with NATO Catering.

Nato’s Events Place is the right venue that you’ve been looking for. With its cozy ambiance, complete facilities, and accessible amenities, you don't have to worry about anything but how to go about your party.

With Nato’s Events Place, you’re in the right place to make your fantasy come to life. You’re in the right venue to make every moment memorable and special. We will make sure that your celebration will be filled with joy and amazing experiences.


We could also arrange our event place in accordance to your party theme. When you already have the right venue for your event, you can then proceed to other details of the party in accordance on how you’d dreamed it to be.

Nato's Events Place is where your dream come true as we will provide you the comfort that you need while making sure that your dream party will come true. Your guests will also find the venue very accessible with dedicated parking spots for those who have their own means of transportation. For those who take the public transit, they will be pleased to know that the place is easy to locate and find with the help jeepney drivers who pass by. Nato's Events Place is located along Molino road, just three minutes away from SM Molino.

Book your events now at Nato’ Events Place and we will save the date for your special moments!


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