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Meet Nat Nat the Bear!

Nat Nat the Bear is our captivating, funny, and active party bear. He loves to join your party, share your joy, and bring laughter to your guests. His charming personality will make your kiddie party more exciting and enjoyable for the kids and the kids-at-heart!

Nat Nat the Bear is the new bear in town. He loves to show off his funny style to the neighborhood and encourages them to enjoy the glory of life by celebrating its special moments. Nat Nat believes in maintaining a fun lifestyle so he wants to make everyone happy through parties and celebrations. For him, every celebration is special in their own way.

Nat Nat the Bear is the kids’ new favorite character! They love him to be there on their party with a colorful fashion style that will make kids enjoy not just their foods and games but the entire celebration as well. Nat Nat would like to see the celebrant happy with their classmates and playmates so he invites himself to the party with glee. Nat Nat is a funny party bear who loves great food and a party!

Would you like to see Nat Nat at your child’s birthday party? Would you like to see your child smile and laugh together with other kids as they see Nat Nat perform his funny tactics? Simply book your party with NATO Catering and request Nat Nat’s special participation; your kid’s party will surely be filled with laughter!

Book your party at NATO Catering now and choose among our packages that suit your budget and preferences! Nat Nat will surely love to attend your celebration and bring a warm smile to the celebrant’s heart!


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