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Kids' Favorite: A Disney-themed Party

Are you thinking of a party theme that kids will surely love? Worry no more, Disney themes had always been kids’ favorite. Disney characters can bring out the fantasy out of any kiddie celebration!

Boys and girls love to dream of being a prince or a princess just like in their favorite fairy tales. They love to act like they are in a magical faraway land where their dreams are their reality. They love to imagine themselves in magical places where everything is possible and where they live in a castle made of candy.

Little girls love to dress like their favorite Disney Princesses, like Princess Ariel, Cinderella, or Queen Elsa!

Little boys love to act like a king, knight, or a prince where they save the day and get the princess!

From these dreams, they learn to love the world and open eyes to love and hope. Let’s make their dreams come true through special celebrations.

Give them the opportunity to celebrate like true royalties where they could have fun and play with their guests in a fabulous Disney set-up Kiddie Party! From decors to foods, from tables to invitations, and the party's overall ambiance, your child can enjoy a magical party that they deserve!

NATO Catering could provide the magical Disney-themed party for your beloved little ones where all you have to do is relax and wait for that special day to arrive.

Surprise your child with a party that they will always remember as part of their childhood. 

NATO Catering could make everything in order from the planning stage to the day of the party itself.

Contact us now for inquiries and our team will gladly help you through every step of the way!


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