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Why is the Classic Kare Kare to crave for?

Kare-kare's storied history as a Filipino food goes back hundreds of years. There are three stories as to the origins of kare-kare. The first one is that it came from Pampanga (the province which became known all over the country as the "culinary capital of the Philippines").*

Who can resist the creamy goodness of its thick peanut sauce? The bagoong that you top it with when you eat it with rice? And the melt in your mouth ox tail or meat that just makes everything taste like heaven! Kare Kare is a comfort food that will always be on my order list when I crave for anything not home cooked.

Nato Catering gives you a chance to enjoy this classic Filipino dish, without the fuss of doing the groceries to get the many ingredients of this dish, not to mentions the very tidious process how this dish is prepared. They have taken this wonderful dish and bundled it with other classic favorites to make your family occassions more special.

NATO Catering Family Tray F

Get your Kare Kare with Lechon Kawali, Pinakbet and Rice by ordering at They have 6 Family Trays to choose from. Get the Family Tray for your next special occasion or the next lazy day when you deserve to treat yourself with good food and enjoy your family time more.

*Source: Wikipedia Website


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