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How to Organize a Small Garden Party at Home

If you have a spacious garden located at your home that could cater small group of visitors, you may got the idea to host a small gathering on your own. One of the pros of hosting your own party is that you can make it special and memorable without shelling out too much cash.

The first thing that you should consider is the occasion and how many people are you planning to invite. Is it your birthday or someone else's? Maybe it's a reunion party, or an anniversary. Are you planning to invite 30 people or more? Make sure to invite only within the capacity of your home and garden or you might not be able to accommodate everyone.

A small destination wedding, anyone?

Next is to decide the type of food that you want to serve to your guests. Take note of any dietary restrictions and certain preferences of some of your guests, then plan out carefully how you will be able to obtain the ingredients you will need. Are you going to cook them all with help or are you planning to order them from catering companies? Whatever decision you make, make sure that they will be prepared freshly and delivered ahead of time.


You should also consider the design of your party, you might want it to have a theme or make it simple. You can give out a formal invitation or opt to send them online. Planning to make your guests take home a souvenir or maybe just leave them with memories of your party? Make sure to plan out every single detail of your party. 

If you're worrying about tables and chairs, you can inquire and reach out to catering shops near you.

Organizing a party can be hard and tedious but if you have a well-thought out plan, you can pull it off like a professional.

However, not all of us have the time to organize our own party or event. NATO Catering could arrange everything for you, from choosing a menu to setting up the chairs, our expert party planners have the ability to make every event fun and memorable.


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