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Celebrating 7th Birthday!

7th birthday is celebrated in the Philippines just like how 18th and 21st birthday celebrated; you can say that it’s grand as the debut. 7th birthday is like a debutante party for kids, and it’s the stage where they are no longer treated as a baby but as a boy or a girl just like how the 18th birthday (for girls) and 21st birthday (for boys) is the stage where they are expecting to act as a man or a woman. But why is 7th birthday celebration important?

There is no particular reason on when this became part of tradition, but it’s been celebrated the way it is until it became a tradition. 7th birthday is basically the "child version" of 18th birthday; the celebrant also expects the 7 gifts, 7 flowers, 7 candles, and other traditions. Of course, it’s only applicable if you are going to celebrate it in a traditional way.

While some parents celebrate their child’s 7th birthday in the grandest way, some prefer it to be a small celebration. They just celebrate it in a fast-food chain with some theme and inviting their close friends and relatives. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate it grand or simple as long as your child is happy, it’s more than enough.

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