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Baptismal Souvenir Ideas!

Christening is the first milestone that our baby will experience (even tho they won’t remember it). And one of the highlights of this event is the souvenir that you will be giving out to your guests. Thinking of the best souvenir will give you a headache so we giving you this simple yet beautiful souvenir s that you might consider having on your baby’s christening.

1. Succulents

I hope you are not thinking of the big succulent to giveaway because THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT! Succulents as your souvenir are cool and can be useful, your guests can use it as decorations. Of course, people! You won’t be giving out big succulents, its hassle. You can have small succulents as a souvenir with a little bit of decoration to make it more beautiful.

2. Scented Candle

Scented candles will never go out of style. With different colors and designs, you can use this as a decoration on the table before giving it out as a souvenir.

3. Baby cologne spray

This is not the ordinary cologne spray that will see at the supermarkets, okay, maybe you can buy it there but if you put some decorations and packed it nicely to make it look like expensive then it will be perfect as souvenir.

4. Keychain

It isn’t the ordinary keychain that you can buy in a sidewalk, of course, it’s personalized. Specially made for your baby. With a picture of your baby in front and a little message at the back, it will surely be the best souvenir that you can give,

5. Mug

This is the most common souvenir that you can get in any kind of event but trust me, Mug is a good souvenir that you can give. Of course, kids and some teens won’t appreciate this thing but for the elders, this is really the best. They can use this as additional decoration in their house and mind you, tita/tito love this kind of souvenir.

There are a lot of souvenirs that you can give to your guests, you don’t need to think if they will like it or not as long as you put an effort into it, they will appreciate it.

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