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7th Birthday Celebration in the Philippines

Kids only turn seven once, and any parent would love to provide their child with a grand 7th birthday celebration. But why is it exactly that 7th birthdays are a big deal here in the Philippines?

It's quite obvious why 1st birthdays are special as it is our little one's first time to celebrate his first year on earth. As for 18th birthdays (or 21st for males), it marks the transition from teenager to adulthood. 7th birthdays, however, are said to be anticipated with a grand celebration as that is the age that kids encounter many milestones.

When a kid turns 7, he's finally leaving behind his early childhood years and is entering his pre-teen years. Imagine how parents are so melancholic about this that it deserves a party!

Many would even include certain stuff to be given to the celebrant from seven different people for each category. The more traditional ones are seven wishes, seven treasures, and seven roses. To add some twist, some would ask for seven stuffed toys, seven chocolates, and even seven bluebills (aka 1k pesos).

The celebrant would usually be dressed up in an extravagant outfit, sometimes a costume like their favorite cartoon character. Sometimes, even the parents take the time to dress up to match their kids!

Lastly, to complete the celebration, a beautifully set up venue makes the party extra fun. Elaborate balloon structures, colorful motifs, cartoon standee for the designs... all of these really matter when it comes to planning for the perfect 7th birthday party celebration.

Lucky for you, NATO Catering Services can take care of everything that will wow the celebrant and the guests alike! Book your kid's 7th birthday with us now!


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