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3 Things to Remember in Booking Event Catering Services

Successful events are characterized by how well-executed their plans are... and how well the food is! Right at the start of the year is the best time to plan ahead for special events and choose the best catering services to satisfy your guests.

Booking for a catering supplier can sometimes be a tedious process. It can eat up a lot of time (no pun intended) and if you don’t know where to start or what to prioritize, you can end up with a second-rate caterer.

Here are three important aspects to consider when booking for event catering services.

The What, Who, When, and Where

The most important details to consider when planning an event are based on four basic questions: “What is my event?” “Who will be my guests?” “When is the date of my event?” and “Where will my event happen?” All other details will stem from these four.

First, you list down the answers to these questions, such as this example: “My brother’s wedding with 100 guests from groups of relatives and friends, some time on November, near or in Metro Manila.” You don’t have to be pinpoint specific at this stage yet for the Where and When, since a lot of things can still change. List down potential dates and venues that you feel match the event or are most familiar to you.

The Prep Phase: Some imagination, some logistics

After answering the four basic questions, it’s time to start your preparations. Once you have an idea on what event you will host, it will be easier to plan out what food your guests might want to eat.

It would be best if you can actually ask or take a survey of your guests (e.g. corporate events), or if you have an idea of what they’d like to see on the menu. Your caterer should ideally have a wide variety of selections, especially if you’re expecting some VIPs might come as guests.

Next, prepare a schedule so you could inform your caterer ahead of time. Cooking of course does not happen in an instant; you must give them ample time to prepare, cook, and deliver food to your choice of venue. A great caterer is also comfortable with regularly communicating with you to make sure you get everything correctly on the event day.

Budget and overheads

Of course, the wisest move in any event is to keep your budget in check, especially for food which can easily rise with unforeseen extras. It would be best to get catering services who can provide food for template numbers.

Fortunately, established brands such as Nato Catering offer great packages that can surely satisfy your guests and your pocket. We have an expansive catalog of flavorful dishes ranging from meats, seafood, noodles, and dessert. Our team can also handle online orders, and point-to-point delivery so you’ll never have to worry about the food for your event.

For inquiries or orders, you may check out or inquire through our landline number (046) 440 3211. You can also reach us through mobile at 0950-056-4034.


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